Did you know cellular 911 calls originating from your              
Manufactured Home Community are NOT traceable?


Emergency Responders CANNOT easily or quickly 
locate cellular callers. 


Without a remedy, potential Injury, or Loss of Life could 
result in negligent liability for community owners.            





Putting the safety and well-being of your resident families first




For Less Than $14 per day, your 

MHC can be GeoFenced to Enhance

Emergency Response Readiness ..




                                                                                                                                 Property Signage
With 911GeoFence, the second someone dials a 911 call from a cellular phone located within your Mobile Home Community, all required public emergency teams and your management personnel are immediately notified of the exact caller location, expediting the help and assistance needed. 
911GeoFence provides the ability to pinpoint emergency caller locations on digitized maps of resident homes and entire community plots, providing public safety with situational awareness while alerting relevant community management teams that an emergency has taken place. This cloud-based flow of information between all parties enables lifesaving data to be shared and the caller to be located efficiently. The capability covers the entire premises whether the call originates within a building, or outside in a parking lot or public greenspace. 
Your community personnel are often the last to know that an emergency has occurred on the premises. Providing immediate notification to Mobile Home Community personnel with the specific location of the emergency can help mitigate outcomes and potential liability when every second counts.
Increased Visibility and Notification Functionality: 
  • Family Alert™   Community residents may opt for automatic TEXT notifications to be sent to up to six designated individuals (family/friends) when a 911 call is placed from their cellphones. 
  • Management Alert /Broadcasting™   A global TEXT notification channel to allow park management to broadcast emergency instructions or non-emergency community related announcements to all residents. 

NIMS Incident Command / 911inform is an all-emergency system

The National Incident Management System / Incident Command System “NIMS/ICS” operates under FEMA and Homeland Security.

In most emergencies, police or fire will take the lead as incident commander (IC) immediately upon arrival. The decisions made in the first 5 to 10 minutes are crucial. Information and Situational awareness are key in these early moments for the IC to make critical decisions. This is where the 911inform system excels, providing incident commanders with real-time information!

911inform - in compliance with NIMS

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